Sheet Metal Machines

From job-shop to industrial-grade fabrication shops around the world, power up your sheet metal fabrication performance with Coldworks Equipment. Be it manual or powered equipment, we have the solutions you need.

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Coldworks’ extensive line of metal-working products offers the precision you want with the dependability and unparalleled durability you need in a full range of machines that roll, fold, shear, and bend sheet metal and steel. Letting you work efficiently and effectively, Coldworks’ cold-forming equipment has the endurance to handle your projects, large or small, utilizing thin and heavy-gauge metals for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Iron Workers

Versatility, efficiency, and affordability are the keys to the Coldworks’ Iron Worker. Every shop needs a multipurpose utility machine, and our iron worker is that workhorse. Our iron workers provide the necessary tooling and functions to notch, shear, cut, bend, and get your job done right.

Slip rolls / plate rolls

From manual to powered, we’re ready to meet the demands of your slip roll and light plate roll work with quality and accuracy. Contact Coldworks today to get your shop rolling.

Shearing Machines

Coldworks shearing machines are used in cutting straight lines in sheet metal, plate, and steel through the use of scissor-like blades and applied manual or hydraulic force. The cut is cleaner and offers a straighter edge than other processes with minimal waste of material. Types of shearing operations include: blanking, piercing, and trimming.

Folding Machines

Folding machines are best able to bend larger sheet metal pieces that are thin or delicate and have a simpler set up, resulting in greater cost efficiencies and a reduction in potential damage to the metal’s surface.

Sheet metal machines

Precision corners in steel sheet metal can make all the difference in the world for a tight and proper fit, resulting in quality welds. Our sheet metal machines get the job done with speed, accuracy, and clean cuts, eliminating any issue with burrs.

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